Name: 000 Emergence AKA Deathwire

Height: 5.4 inches

Weapons: Large magnet embedded into left arm, electric shocks, blinding light.


The leader of villainous Emergences, Deathwire's evil intentions are unknown by most, although he seems intent on simply gaining control of the entire Wasteyard. It seems apparent that Deathwire was the original Emergence, since his E Label reads '000'. It is speculated that he may know where the creator is, if the creator is even alive. His servants include an army of 301 Emergences, which function as search drones, and 261 Emergences, which function as both search drones and prison cells.
The entire lower half of his body is a huge mass of cut wires that give off sparks, serving as a deadly weapon. He is incredibly powerful, with a large magnet in his left arm and a claw in the other arm, which allows him to lift an Emergence off the ground with the magnet and tear them apart with the claw in his other arm.