Name: 014 Emergence

Height: 1.7 inches

Weapons: Jaws, poisonous stinger



An alternate version of 015 Emergence, 014 Emergences inhabit hot, dry areas of the Wasteyard. Much like their younger cousins, these Emergences are highly territorial and will destroy any intruder without hesitation. Since they dwell in desert-like areas, they often use the deep sands to their advantage, hiding under it in wait of prey.

Their stingers contain a powerful toxin capable of corroding many, if not all metals, and even the Emergent that binds Emergences together.

014 Emergence BEdit

Height: 1.5 inches

Weapons: Jaws, sharp stinger


These smaller variations of 014 Emergence tend to dwell in aquatic or sub-aquatic areas, such as beaches, rivers, ponds, or swamps. Unlike their larger desert-dwelling cousins, these Emergences lack a toxin in their stinger, although it can still be a lethal weapon due to the shocking speed at which it can sting. Its incredible speed is unique to this variation of 014 Emergence.