Name: 119 Emergence

Height: 0.5 inches

Weapons: Varies


There are three different varieties of 119 Emergences: the Red Eyes variety, the Blue Eyes variety, and the Green Eyes variety. Each of the three have slightly different abilities depending on their eye color. In addition to this, they also have different alliances depending on eye color.

Red EyesEdit

Weapons: Can shoot small fireballs from its left hand, small blade

Summary: The Red Eyes are one of the villainous 119 Emergences. Although they are weak, they often gather in swarms around their foes and scorch them to death with fireballs. They tend to congregate in the dryer areas of the Wasteyard.

Blue EyesEdit

Weapons: Can shoot gusts of wind from its left hand, small blade

Summary: The Blue Eyes tend to be heroic. They are considerably weaker than the Red Eyes variety, but they have the ability of speed and are great at maneuvering around in battle. They are often found on highup places or near water.

Green EyesEdit

Weapons: Can turn transparent, small blade

Summary: The Green Eyes are villainous. They are the strongest of the 119 Emergences and usually hunt alone. They can be found throughout the Wasteyard, although they are rarer than other varieties. When they turn transparent, they give off much heat and can be detected by unusually high increases in temperature.