Name: 301 Emergence

Height: 6.4 inches

Weapons: Large saw blade, electric shocks

Summary: Minions of Deathwire, these giant winged monsters roam around the Wasteyard. They serve primarily as search drones, often seeking out heroic Emergences to destroy. These beasts are armed with a large saw blade and a loud alarm that activates if it spots anything worth alerting others about. Cel encountered one of these when he first awakened, but he quickly escaped from it before any others had a chance to show up. 301 Emergences sometimes hunt alongside 261 Emergences, since 261 Emergences function as prison cells and are useful for taking captives, although this rarely happens.

301 emergence


They were handmade by Deathwire, although it seems their creation was rushed, as they are somewhat prone to malfunction and, despite their appearance, are easily broken. All it takes to destroy one is exhausting it, which will cause its many wires to short-circuit and consequently make it explode.