Name: 533 Emergence AKA Zvarranik

Height: 3.4 inches

Weapons: Jaws, toxic spine, claws


Zvarranik is one of Deathwire's loyal servants. He normally resides in The Factory, Deathwire's lair, but will leave frequently with the task of bringing back any rebel Emergences that could be up and about. The sharp blue spine on his back is loaded with a special fluid that corrodes metals and plastics extremely easily, making him a formidable foe. He is gifted with high speed, but once he sustains considerable damage, he will likely flee due to his somewhat cowardly nature.



  • "Zvarranik" is Albanian for "reptile".


Zvarranik assembled himself from metal and plastic scraps that happened to have been near a sketch of a dinosaur, which seems to have had a role in determining his appearance. Shortly after being created, he simply fell into a fit of rage, destroying any Emergence he saw and adding their dismantled pieces to his own armor. He soon discovered The Factory and joined Deathwire's alliance, where he quickly lost his violent, fierce personality and became more cowardly.