Name: 666 Emergence

Height: 2.3 inches

Weapons: Powerful jaws


These hellish beasts roam throughout the Wasteyard, attacking anything that comes near them. They serve no alliance, although they are considered evil simply because of their violent tendencies. Their preferred technique for destroying other Emergences is painfully tearing them to shreds, limb by limb. To make them even more deadly, they often hide in piles of rubble or in shallow water, waiting for potential prey to come near. They can sometimes be seen tearing one another apart, showing that they have no emotions for each other whatsoever and that they are simply mindless beasts.


A particularly ugly 666 Emergence.


They are believed to have originated from an old factory and to have assembled themselves from broken pistons, a small motor, and a small LED light. The origin of their faces, however, are unknown since no two 666 Emergences have the same face.