Name: 667 Emergence AKA Sea Reaper

Height: 2.3 inches

Weapons: Small razor saw on right arm, water jets

Summary: 667 Emergence is one of Deathwire's more intelligent minions who is often seen in or near large bodies of water. 667 Emergence is the only of his type of Emergence, meaning he is entirely unique in design. His face is horribly damaged from multiple violent battles and has actually been replaced twice. His current face is only in a mild state of disrepair compared to other past faces. A small red gear emerging from his neck is his true head, and can be fitted with nearly anything to form a complete head.


Sea Reaper assembled himself from the rubble in the Wasteyard, compiling together several gears, a water pump, a saw, and a semi-organic arm that is immune to decomposing thanks to the mechanical bits intertwined with it.