Name: 674 Emergence AKA Murdantis

Height: 0.7 inches

Weapons: Spear, miniature energy gun


Murdantis is one of the few heroic Emergences, meaning that it fights against Deathwire. Murdantis's voice sounds somewhat feminine, although her face is never visible since she wears a mask covering it at all times.
She is armed with a spear and a small energy gun which is apparently fueled by electricity drawn from the air around her. She also wears a small wornout cape that serves no purpose.


When Cel first flees from Raigo, he escapes to the underside of an old truck, where he finds Murdantis dismantled. Out of pure curiosity, he puts the broken pieces back together to see what would happen, and then Murdantis was reborn, but with no memory of anything before her dismantling. She quickly became Cel's companion.