Name: 675 Emergence

Height: 2.1 inches, 5.9 inches if you include arms

Weapons: Clawed right arm, spear in left arm


675 Emergences are often referred to as Hell Angels due to their semi-angelic looking black wings and the beautiful cries they emit to confuse their prey. They fly through the Wasteyard in small flocks looking for their next meal. In the case that they fail to find a suitable Emergence to dismantle and devour, they may begin to attack each other until there is one supreme 675 Emergence left in the flock. Well, what used to be a flock. There are generally 20-30 of them per flock.
In each of them is some sort of SD card, each of them containing unknown contents. They cannot function without one for reasons unknown. It is believed that the SD card determines their agility and skills and maybe their personality, if they even have one. It has also been observed that swapping the cards of two 675 Emergences also seem to switch the traits of the two Emergences.