Emergent is the semi-chemical substance that has enabled the self-assembly of Emergences from the ruins of the Wasteyard. This chemical was spread worldwide after the extinction of 98% of organic life. It is believed to be a

Ground covered in Emergent.

mixture of different chemicals found in the nuclear weapons that destroyed organic life, although there is evidence that the compound has existed for longer than that, as evidenced with Deathwire and Cel, who have likely been in existence since before the apocalypse. Anything that has been contaminated by Emergent has potential to become an Emergence. However, it is unknown how the E Label appears on Emergences once they are created. Since not all Emergences have E Labels, it is possible that the Emergences who have them were created by a human before the apocalypse. This, however, is discredited by the existence of 666 Emergences, who are known to have assembled themselves and still have E Labels.